Album upgrades and new developments

June 2, 2010
Album constructed for Kemptown Station maps; links expansions and graphic buttons all working

I've cheated with pictures of Lewes Road Viaduct as I already had a folder of source images stored as a slideshow and just introduced a link. I still have to add a pointer to state that not all the photos are mine and are for reference only...!

Guestbook page

November 7, 2009
I've found a widget that plugs into the webpage, which allows site visitors to leave comments. I've placed it into the Guestbook page and imported the comments into it. It works perfectly and looks great.

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Lewes Road Station and Coal Yard slide show

October 17, 2009
The Lewes Road Station and Coal Yard slide show is now complete!
Left and right sequential scrolling works perfectly
All links work perfectly
All page expansions work perfectly
All transport buttons work perfectly


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Lewes Road Station, Coal yard yadda yadda yadda

October 6, 2009
Have built the expansion pages for the first 12 frames.
Put all arrows on the LRS pages into the centre of the screen.

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Lewes Road Station, Coal Yard and Kemptown Junction slide show

October 5, 2009
Assigned 15 pages to each of the 15 images in this photo album. Have got them all in order so that they scroll through left to right and movealong one at a time. Spacings between icons is perfect. Installed the pointer arrow onto each page but they have yet to be centred. Transport buttons arranged in same style as other pages, but so far are only on page one.

Must stop now, my eyes ache!

More soon :o)

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Hartington Road Photo Album

October 2, 2009
I have finally completed the expansion links for Hartington Road Halt/Bridge photo album and slide show. It all works perfectly and I am chuffed to bits. It took a lot of programming, but the concept works well. I am now going to try and apply it to other photo albums as they appeared on the previous site, as this was a really cool feature of the old Sampa site and one that was missed badly.

I have also continued some work of putting in necessary transport buttons on the pages that need them,...
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New Stuff

September 20, 2009
Finally completed all 12 frames of the "Hartington Road Halt" photo album slide show. All the pictures are in the right order and all the left and right arrows work as they should. All links work on the left and right arrows. The next job is to put in the links for the magnifier buttons. The only thing that bothers me about having the pictures in the magnifier section available to so many different pages is the instance of including a "go back" button, because there are links back that origin...
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New Stuff

September 14, 2009
I've been going through putting the "go back" and "contact us"buttons on the pages and rather good they look too!
Rescued a few more pictures that were missing

I've drawn up a rough schematic of how I want the photo album pages to look. I'm trying to get it so that it looks as though someone is turning the pages of a book over. I'll still put in transport buttons to next and last page, previous page, first page and exit.

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New Stuff

September 13, 2009
I've just put in more links in the Lewes Road Area page and found expansion links to some more of the enlarged images that were missing when you click on the photos (ie: the ones where you clicked on the photos and nothing bloody happened!!)

I've not been able to do so much on here recently due to lots of work and problems with my neighbours making me tired and disconsolate. But I'm back now!!!

I've also found some "control buttons" on the net and I'm really chuffed with tese, because they look...
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Site import process from Sampa

August 11, 2009
Imported "Nick Phillips remembers the Last Train"
Imported "I want to get into the Tunnel"
Imported "The Tunnel is still there..."
Imported "Another Setback..."
Imported "Associated Websites and Useful Links"

Finished picture links and page expansions for Kemptown Station & Goods Yard
Added picture links and page expansions for Nick Phillips remembers

Added "Go Back to" button to all picture expansion documents associated with "Nick Phillips remembers"
Added "Go Back to" button to 3 of the 4 picture ...
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