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Site import process from Sampa

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Tuesday, August 11, 2009, In : Website reconstruction 
Imported "Nick Phillips remembers the Last Train"
Imported "I want to get into the Tunnel"
Imported "The Tunnel is still there..."
Imported "Another Setback..."
Imported "Associated Websites and Useful Links"

Finished picture links and page expansions for Kemptown Station & Goods Yard
Added picture links and page expansions for Nick Phillips remembers

Added "Go Back to" button to all picture expansion documents associated with "Nick Phillips remembers"
Added "Go Back to" button to 3 of the 4 picture ...
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Kemptown Station and Goods Yard - page construction

Posted by Lawrence Russell on Friday, August 7, 2009, In : Website reconstruction 
Sub-pages constructed for the first 12 picture links on the original page, so that by clicking on any photo or thumbnail, it is possible to see the picture in detail along with explanatory comments. There are 5 more to go for this page.

The content and layout of all the pages on the "pages" tab of the original website have been drawn and a detailed site map of the original site and site heirarchy has been drawn and written in explicit detail to facilitate construction of the new replacement pa...
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