Kemptown Station and Goods Yard - page construction

August 7, 2009
Sub-pages constructed for the first 12 picture links on the original page, so that by clicking on any photo or thumbnail, it is possible to see the picture in detail along with explanatory comments. There are 5 more to go for this page.

The content and layout of all the pages on the "pages" tab of the original website have been drawn and a detailed site map of the original site and site heirarchy has been drawn and written in explicit detail to facilitate construction of the new replacement page on Yola.

Coxes pill Factory - Page construction

July 31, 2009
Page for Coxes Pill Factory constructed, links arranged to act as picture enlargemnt facility.
Pictures uploaded from original website. All parts work fine, but the fourth picture is only available as a thumbnail or bitmap so far, so I have to convert to jpeg, upload and construct a link to enlarge for this picture before the page is complete.

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Kemptown Railway Website Blog Page

July 30, 2009
Homepage created, as close to original Sampasite page as possible.
Layout of top-of-page tabs noted and will be faithfully recreated.
Pulldown menus in tabs noted and will be faithfully recreated

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