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Link Policy.

The very nature of this website means that it is necessary to use both old and new photos of the places that we describe within the text and as all of the places which we describe are no longer in existence, it is necessary to use photographs from alternative sources where they are not directly available from our own resources.

Where we have used Third Party photographs, we make every attempt to ensure that the photos used are correctly and exhaustively referenced, in order to make sure that their owners receive due credit for their ownership. As the same photograph may appear on several websites, it will often take many hours of research in order to correctly identify the originator of a particular photograph.

You will usually see, in the text we use to describe the photograph, the text "This photograph belongs to", or "Photo owned by" and then the name or web address of the owners. 

There is also a notice on this website's HOME page which declares that all photos which we make available are intended purely for personal research, for comparative or illustrative purposes only and, as such, we ask that visitors to this site should respect ownership of these photos and exercise due care, if cutting and pasting them, to ensure that they are only done so for private use. Anything else may constitute a copyright infringement against the original owners of the photos.

However, sometimes we get things wrong, despite our best efforts to correctly identify ownership of the photos we use, or we simply haven't found the owners yet.

If you DO happen to identify a photo that belongs to YOU and we have not correctly credited it, PLEASE let us know. We are also happy to include any links to associated work by the author of the photo, from the text that accompanies the photograph.

You can contact us regarding photo ownership, broken links or any other query or issue by clicking on the button shown BELOW, which will take you to our Visitor Centre. Once it has loaded, you can select either the CONTACT US BUTTON or the REPORT A PROBLEM BUTTON from the control panel.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the photos.

Loz and the Ghost-of Team.