There are hundreds of people without whom this website would not exist - some of them are still with us, some sadly not.

I can't thank you all personally, but if your name is here, thank you so much for joining me and my little project.
If your name doesn't here and you think it should be, I am adding you all gently but might have missed a few of you. Please let me know and I will add you to the role call!

The Ghost-of Crew

Geoff Marshall, Nick Phillips, Rich Sansom, Chris Bedford, Andy Nicholson, Camilla Barnard, Guy Hall

Tim Evemy, Carol Homewood


Facebook Groups & Guestbook

Michael Brittain, Cathy Horton, Carol Morisson, Dennis Palmer, David Grimstone, Peter Ticehurst, Stella Twigge-Molesely, Peter Harland, 
Bob Marshall, Peter Dann, Andrew Kubiak, Sheila Foulkes, Alec Mitchell, Jonathon Cooke, Kevan Chaplin, Duncan Lustig-Prean, Denis Mackey, Ian Hunter, Sarah Denham, Steve Blaikie, Richard Hibbett, Pat Payne, Adrian Backshall, Martin Lawrence, Vernon Baber

Ian Billich, Vanessa Looseley, Nigel Sequeira 

John, Jo and Jimmy Porter