The Tunnel is still there so can we get into it?

(Can we Fuck!)

One of the key points that has come about as a  byproduct of developing this site is the increasing knowledge that the tunnel is still there and still very much INTACT AND ACCESSIBLE!

Two of the main driving forces which have whipped this interest to fever pitch are these two scalleywags:

Geoff Marshall and Chris Bedford.

Geoff is a Union Rep at the bus garage where I work and has a remarkable interest in the Kemptown Railway. He has been one of the key driving forces behind my putting this site together with his unerring enthusiasm.

Chris also goes by the monicker of Dumpman, the Stig of the disused railway world! Geoff found out about him purely by accident, whilst trying to find video footage of the Kemptown Railway on the internet. Chris's DVD's of long disused railways are something of a benchmark and I can not recommend contacting Chris enough. Find him at

It was Geoff who lent me a Dumpman DVD on the Kemptown Branch where Chris actually walked through the tunnel in the present day. And so, as a result, we have been trying like mad to get into the tunnel for another look.

There have been plenty of hurdles along the way and we still don't know if we can yet, but there appears to be few reasons why we can't, a great many contacts which could help us to gain access and best of all an ever increasing number of people with a burning desire to get into the tunnel!!

This is irrefutable evidence of the fondness and affinity people have for this long lost line and as the numbers of interested parties is increasing exponentially day by day, we are trying everything we can think of to get into the tunnel.