These photos were taken by Derek Monk on the Last Day of the Kemp Town Railway.

They are from the Private Collection of Tony Monk to whom the Ghost Trains team are extremely grateful. 

92220 'Evening Star', the last steam locomotive built for BR at Platform 10 at Brighton Station. 

View from the Lewes Road Viaduct. A Southdown Bristol RE single deck bus can be seen entering Bear Road and a Brighton Corporation Leyland PD2 double deck can be seen behind the trees. Caffyns on the right was demolished and rebuilt upon, being until early 2009 the premises of Budget Rent-a-Car. 

A former Southern Railway Utility Van used as an office at Kemp Town Station. 

This was taken from inside the tunnel showing the intricate points layout and a panoramic  view of the station and goods yard.

Awaiting departure is 3R (Tadpole) DEMU no. 1205 used to form the special train to and from Kemp Town and Brighton.

Looking towards the tunnel and where the signal-box once stood (Leftt hand side of the picture by the tunnel mouth). 

Another train-load of enthusiasts and 'Last Day' revellers' disembark from the special train.