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This extremely rare photo shows Lewes Road Station’s adjoining coal yard looking back towards Coombe Road and what would be Meadowview in the present day. The houses in the top right corner are those in Richmond Road adjoining the station forecourt and still exist today. Lewes Road Station can just be seen slightly to the right of the centre of the photo (look for the 4 chimneys above the coal wagons). This whole area would now be part of Hughes Road & Centenary Industrial Estate. This photo is by Mr. D.W.Winkworth, for illustration, comparative and personal research purposes only.

The photo below shows a similar area (slightly to the north) with the track removed, in around 1972. The entire area has been redeveloped in the present day and now plays host to Hughes Road and the Centenary Industrial Estate. This photo comes from the Regency Society's "James Gray Collection" website and appears here for illustrative and comparative purposes only.

By GHOST TRAINS - 8/2/2008 11:53 PM