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This photo shows number 43 Carlyle Street, my birthplace! The Tunnel from Kemptown to Elm Grove passed right under the back garden.

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By GHOST TRAINS - 8/5/2008 6:59 PM


My family lived at 43 Carlyle street from 1972 until I was about 7 years old (1980) and I always remember being fascinated by stories my dad used to tell me about a secret railway which used to run under our house. He used to kid me that if I were to put my ear to the floor, that I would be able to hear the occasional train go past us deep underground. In reality dad was absolutely right about the tunnel going directly under the house, it passed through the boundaries of the back gardens of the houses between Carlyle Street and Arnold Street. Sadly for the romance of the stories, the last train ran through the tunnel in 1971, a frustratingly short two years before I was born!

By GHOST TRAINS - 9/13/2008 11:15 PM