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The green building in the middle of the photo is 94 Lewes Road. The viaduct passed just to the left of it, just between the two lamp posts in the centre of the picture. A supporting pillar for an arch of the viaduct would have stood just next to the back left corner of 94 Lewes Road). The Viaduct proper would have had one foot just against the leading edge of the crossing island (where the T-shaped street light and red paving is) and the other foot almost exactly where the sign is outside KEB / Floors2Go / Machine Mart, (the blue and white building on the right hand edge of the photo).

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The photo below shows almost exactly the same view in around 1972 with the Viaduct in place. 94 Lewes Road can be just seen peeping around the side (to the right) and guess what? It was even the same colour back then!! (This photo is owned by Nick Catford and Subterrainea Brittanica and appears on their Abandoned Stations website. It appears here for illustrative purposes only).

By GHOST TRAINS - 8/5/2008 6:48 PM