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This photo shows the site of Lewes Road Station in the present day. The platform would have run left to right parallel with the pavement and the carpark between the white building and the brick retaining wall (on the edge of the bank) occupies the space, which would have been the station forecourt. This building would have been part of the Cox’s Pill factory complex .

An improved wide angle location shot is shown below - The station building would have been (pretty much to the inch!!) between the streetlamp and the blue sign.

The road right branches off towards the junction of Mayo and Princes roads, the road left goes to the loading bay of Sainsburys and the roof of the car park, both mentioned earlier in this chapter.

The final photo in this set shows the same location in 1972, with the railway and station still intact. Note the chimney as the pivotal point in both photos: they are both from roughly the same angle.

NB: The last (black & white) photo is from the Regency Society "James Gray Collection" website and appears here for illustrative purposes only.

By GHOST TRAINS - 8/5/2008 7:07 PM