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These pictures show the final train to run from Brighton to Kemptown. DEMU No.1205, operated by Woking Homes Committee was commissioned on 26th June to give enthusiasts a last chance to say farewell to a truly remarkable railway. As steam was withdrawn across the board in the Southern region around 1967, a diesel-electric unit was the only viable alternative.

First 2 photo By Mr.S.C.Nash
Final photo by Nick Catford     

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Comment by GHOST - 8/11/2008 11:24 PM


This is the train that Nick Phillips travelled on for his last ever trip to Kemptown. You can find out more about both the last day and Nick's adventures in the page entitled "Nick Phillips remembers the Last Train to Kemptown", which can be found under the "Pages" tab at the top of this page.

Comment by GHOST - 9/25/2008 3:10 PM